Facebook Advertising for Staffing Agencies

Keep Your Workforce Fully Staffed with Facebook Advertising For Staffing Agencies

There are many different ways to find and recruit employees online. Traditional methods like ZipRecruiter and online job boards reach anyone online. Of those people who see your listing only a fraction of them are qualified and a good fit for placement. You are paying for a large reach online and the time it takes to wade through all the applications you receive to find the few that are a good possible fit and leave out the rest.

Facebook has changed the way you can recruit and fill job placements. You already know what you are looking for in prospective employees. Whether it’s age, location, education level, income level, expertise and interests. Why pay to reach job seekers who do not fit the type of employee that you are looking for? With Facebook ads you place your ad in front of people who fit your specific set of demographics, behaviors, and interests and no one else. If you are hiring for a location in Dallas, Texas and set your ad to be shown only within ten mile of Dallas, people only within that area will be able see and respond to your ad. None from out of the area, state or even out of the country will be able to apply. Saving you time and money in the job placement process.

Engage With Potential New Hires Where They Already Are

Facebook is leading the change in the way that job recruiters can reach applicants online. Facebook has the luxury of giving your employment ad exposure on a platform that billions of individuals use monthly oftentimes logging in multiple times a day.

  • Facebook has 2 billion monthly users. LinkedIn has 500 million users with 25% being active on the platform on a monthly basis
  • Online job boards are time-restrictive. Your job is only easily seen at the time of posting. If a potential applicant goes on the job board hours or days after posting your ad will be buried under all the other jobs that we posted since then.
  • Online job postings cast too wide of a net. Your listing will be viewed by everyone who uses the job board no matter if they are qualified or not for your listing.

Similar to inbound marketing, Facebook recruiting allows employers to encourage prospective applicants to reach out to them. By using the audience targeting for your job post ads on Facebook you can narrow down to a specific audience that is perfectly qualified for your job or position. This benefits the employer by greatly reducing the cost per placement and saves time in the process to interview and hire new talent.

Facebook Recruiting For All Types Of Staffing Agencies

1) Contingency Based Agencies – Use Facebook advertising to recruit applicants that fit the requirements of your clients. You can adjust ad sets based on education level, training, experience, and even current job title. The clients you provide staffing for have a variety of background and expectations. Facebook allows you to adjust your targeting for each of your clients instead of just putting your job listing out there for anyone to apply with any background or experience.

2) Retained Search Agencies – If you are looking to place senior-level positions, Facebook can target an audience including income level, education level, and previous job titles. You can also target similar employers and job titles to pull in talent currently working in the industry.

3) Temp Agency – Facebook ads are a great fit for temp agencies. It gives you the ability to control your ad spend freely and adjust as positions open or fill. Turn your applicant ads on or off at a moment’s notice as positions are filled to maximize your budgets to open positions.

4) Niche Recruiting Agency – If you are recruiting for a specialized industry Facebook is the perfect fit. You’ll only pay for your ad to be shown to those who fit your niche. No need to sift through numerous applications with the background that aren’t what your client is looking for.


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